Downtown Manhattan Cityscape By Night

Shot from the Empire State Building observation deck southbound by night. It was raining quite a bit and windy like hell. Of course because of being on vacation and not for photographing I did not have my tripod with me. I leaned the camera over the edge, trying to keep it steady and without falling the 300 something meters down! I sweated like hell inspite of the chilly weather... -- No HDR, just single raw processing!

IAC - White Skyscraper | NYC

Shot from the highline Park in New York City facing west to the Hudson river this building (IAC) is the most prominent one with a very organic architecture. Located 18th Street W, Manhatten (NYC), USA.

Looking Up | Sprinkenhof, Hamburg

Ultra-Wide Angle view upwards... ISO 100, 320 and 1250

Tunnel Drill - Golden Wheel

Same as the black and white image, but another day and the backside. The moon lit the back of this structure, a shallow glim from a streetlamp was falling to the photographed side. As I learned just right now from my collegue this used to be a giant drill for digging tunnels and is now a piece of the collection of the Museum of Work here in Hamburg.


HDR Beach Sunset on Maldives

HDR of the beach on a Island in the Ari Atoll (south Maldives).

Ballon Passing Above

This colorful ballon passed right over me, lucky I had my camera with me :)

Wave | Hamburger Welle [2]

The second photo of this mini series. This time a black and white with a silver-blue toning and a more symmetric composition. Shot overhead, handheld.

La Seu - Palma Cathedral | Palma de Mallorca, Spain

I was doing a photo book from our trip to the Ballearic Island of Mallorca and trying some black and white. I was inspire by Scott Kelby's latest post of his Paris photo book. I did not do this ever but I managed to get the result I wanted by trial and error mostly in Lightroom.

Narrow Passage

I discovered this really narrow passage alongside the highline park when I went for a stroll there. It looks narrow even though it was photographed with a 12 mm (on full-frame) lens. B&W conversion felt right with this one.

Fish Portrait | B&W

Don't know thename of this one. Does anybody know it? If yes, please leave a comment! Thank you!


Rays of light and a sting ray....

Colorful Wing | Atlas Moth

Blowball Seed Macro (Pusteblume Samen Makro)

Makro of a blowball seed stuck in the ball itself. Off camera flash was used with a single Speedlight for this shot. I applied some temp balance and sharpening, some more color correction mainly to bump up orange / yellow sections and desaturate the whole image. Finally some contrast and sharpening, nothing to fancy.

Skateborder Flight Sequence / Series

Another Take on my Skateborder Series. I tried out my new Perfect Layers plugin and applied some effects inspired by Calvin Hollywood. In total it was a series of 3 shots taken in continous mode which I put together to one.

Dark Side of Manhattan

Times Square Upside-Down Panorama